Fear not friends. I have not forgotten about you or my blog. I have merely been spending my “free” time (ha!) working on interviews, and guest blog posts for my book tour.

Darn, did I forget to mention that the virtual book tour for Two Empty Thrones is already well underway?

Book Tour

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Well it is.

Here is the schedule if you’d like to follow along:


Monday, August 4 – Interview at PUYB Virtual Book Club

Tuesday, August 5 – Interview at As the Page Turns

Wednesday, August 6 – Book Featured at What Is That Book About

Friday, August 8 – Book Featured at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews

Monday, August 11 – First Chapter Reveal at The Writer’s Life

Tuesday, August 12 – Guest Blogging at I’m Shelf-ish

Wednesday, August 13 – Interview at Lori’s Reading Corner

Thursday, August 14 – Book Featured at Mom With a Kindle

Monday, August 18 – First Chapter Reveal at Literarily Speaking

Tuesday, August 19 – Book Review & Interview at Book Club Sisters

Wednesday, August 20 – Interview at The Dark Phantom

Thursday, August 21 – Guest Blogging at My Guilty Obsession

Monday, August 25 – First Chapter Reveal at The Book Rack

Tuesday, August 26 – Guest Blogging at The Book Faery Reviews

Friday, August 29 – Book Review at Deal Sharing Aunt

Monday, September 2 – Book Featured at Fallen Over Book Reviews

Tuesday, September 3 – Character Guest Post at As the Pages Turn

Wednesday, September 4 – Interview at Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection

Monday, September 8 – First Chapter Reveal at Read My First Chapter

Tuesday, September 9 – Interview at Beyond the Books

Wednesday, September 10 – Interview at Review From Here

Thursday, September 11 – Interview at Keep Calm and Write On

Monday, September 15  Interview at Straight From the Author’s Mouth

Tuesday, September 16 – Book Review at Through the Open Book

Wednesday, September 17 – Guest Blogging at Bea’s Book Nook

Book Review at My Life, Loves and Passions

Thursday, September 18 – Book Review at Blooming with Books

Monday, September 22 – Interview at Digital Pubbing

Tuesday, September 23 – Book Review at Ashley’s Bookshelf

Wednesday, September 24 – Book Review at Mary’s Cup of Tea

Thursday, September 25 – Book Review at Books, Reviews, ETC

Friday, September 26 – Character Interview at The Literary Nook

Monday, October 6 – Guest Blogging at The Story Behind the Book

Tuesday, October 7 – Book Review at CBY Book Club

Wednesday, October 8 – Book Review at Our Families Adventure

Thursday, October 9 – Book Review at Emeraldfire’s Bookmark

Monday, October 13 – Interview at The Writer’s Life

Tuesday, October 14 – Book Review at Rhiannon H. Morris’ blog

Wednesday, October 15 – Book Review at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

Thursday, October 16 – Interview at The Book Rack

Monday, October 20 – Interview at Allvoices

Tuesday, October 21 – Book Review at My Tangled Skeins Book Reviews

Wednesday, October 22 – Interview at Between the Covers

Thursday, October 23 – Interview at Blogcritics

Monday, October 27 – Interview at Literarily Speaking

Tuesday, October 28 – Book Review at Brooke Blogs

Wednesday, October 29 – First Chapter Reveal at She Writes

Friday, October 31 – Book Tour Highlights at PUYB Virtual Book Club


In between working full time, writing books, blogging and book tours I must fit in sleep somewhere, so to bed I go. Goodnight friends. May your dreams be full of dragons and magic.