It’s hard-wired, I know. But still.

A bright, sunny day is precious and magical. Right now, the sun is peeking over the rim of trees. Its the time of year when the sun lines up to shine through one of my windows, a little like an ancient calendar.

Sitting in the sun is both relaxing and energizing. (Our skin makes an essential vitamin when sunlight hits it, too!) I gather my things, ready to finally get to sit in the sun and work.

I must have left the desk chair pushed away last night, as it is turned and facing the window. Two of my cats, ginger tabbys, greet me with sleepy eyes and soft purrs. The sun pours on them, a liquid blanket of gold. They shift to accept my pets, turning the sun into flames rippling across their coats, their purring increasing to something like the noise of a distant roaring fire.

Two of my cats in the sun

Here they are in a sunny spot when they were itty-bitty.

I could just move them, and at least one would likely come back to my lap. The other would just have to find another spot to sleep.

I pause. Its been a long week. I know how it feels: to think you can relax, then someone comes along with the power to just move you.

But there are things to be done, and it’s the cats or me.

The cats purr and snuggle in as I find another place to work.

What can I say. I’m a softie. Watching them in the sun isn’t exactly the same, but good enough.

What is your sunny spot?