That’s a pretty long title for a blog, but I think it’s fitting. I’ve been busy, and my team has been as busy as bees building a beaver’s dam.

While munching on broccolini the other night, I reviewed my goals. The management experts tell me to do this regularly, and I find it annoyingly motivating. I really should do it in the morning so that it doesn’t drive my dreams, though. Waking in the middle of the night because dragons flamed my publicist’s house and destroyed all her records puts more pressure on the espresso.

This awesome dragon drawing was donated by the amazing Lynette Yencho.

This awesome dragon drawing was donated by the amazing Lynette Yencho.

Checking in with her, she let me know her house is fine, or at least the One is Come publicity push is still scheduled to run until July 18th and that several blogs have posted a bunch of interviews I did. With that and the cover contest, the dragons will just have to accept that One is Come is out and getting a lot of attention.

Not only that, but Two Empty Thrones which will be released July 1st, is set to go on its book tour from August 4th – October 31st too, launching off the back of the flying One is Come. I’d love to know what you think, and if I’m missing a venue or audience outlet that would appreciate these books of the Five in Circle series.

But that’s not all, oh no, not all at all! I guarantee the dragons are going to be either stoked or pissed by what’s coming next. I’m glad my team is fully insured.

Delayed gratification is my nature. I even make up work to earn my chocolate ice cream. Finally tidy the bookshelf, clean the kitchen sink, whatever: the more difficult the task, the better the ice cream tastes. Crazy! Life is too short, right? Gather ye ice cream while ye may and all that. I’m getting better. My love is magical and incredible and she inspires me to grab life and all its joys.

So I’m having half an ice cream now, and the rest very soon. (It’s tremendous ice cream: homemade, with organic cocoa and sea salt.) I’ve finished another book, and am almost done with a fourth. Fire Above is with the editors, and the third book of the Five in Circle series, We the Three, will have a complete draft by month’s end.

Fire Above is outside of the Five in Circle series, although set in the same universe. The main character jumped out of my head, grabbed my pencil, and I couldn’t catch him until the story finished. The story’s a ripper, a first-person new adult/YA high fantasy with realism ties. A bit like The Maze Runner by Dashner or the first two Divergent books by Roth, but with dragons. You’d best buckle your seat belts before opening it.

With that one flying, We the Three grabbed me by the short hairs. It races along, and taking time away from it for silly things like eating and sleeping is starting to get to me. (I learned my lesson about that already, but that’s another story for another time.) As you might guess from the title, the dragons leap into the spotlight for this one, as if Haylwen and Cadarn don’t have enough problems already. Look out, world.

A lot going on, and more to come. With that, I’m going to just dash this quick note off, but feel free to ask about specifics. I’m really loving the feedback I’m getting, so keep it coming. Busy is good, and I’m honored to hear from you.