First, glance in its eyes. Just glance, though. Depending on the situation, the dragon, and you, more than a glance could be considered a challenge to duel or an opening to attack. Unless you are up for the duel of you life, I don’t recommend going that route. An opening might be fine, if your will is strong enough to fight off a mental attack. I’ll bet it isn’t.

But don’t avoid the glance either. No, the glance is important. Use your senses. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but it’s much simpler than that. The back of the eye is a direct extension of the brain. When you direct your eyes to it’s eyes, you provide the most sensitive measure of their brainwave activity. You just need an instant for your brain and the dragon’s brain to both send and receive enough information to assess intent. You might want to practice on some humans first, though.

Confronting a Dragon

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Now, if your intent is to kill the dragon, you wouldn’t be confronted with it in this way to begin with. You’d just be attacking already. And vice versa. If the dragon really wanted you dead, you would be scattered atoms at this point. So, this is a chance to negotiate. The glance of assessment should give you enough information to let you know which of the following three options you face, and their chances of success.

One. The dragon thinks you, and maybe all humans, are worthless and wouldn’t mind destroying you.

If this is the scenario, portal out of there. Flee by whatever means you can. Yes, this can be done with dignity and respect to the dragon and yourself. But I don’t recommend belaboring the process. Sure, you could try sticking up for yourself or fighting. But this kind of dragon isn’t going to duel. It will just go max power immediately. Unless you’re tremendously powerful and skilled, it will likely destroy you before you can even fully power up.

Two. The dragon doesn’t care about you, is in a hurry, or otherwise wants to be left alone.

For this scenario, there is nothing much to do. By the time you have made the assessment, the dragon will probably already be gone. Depending on the dragon and your own will, you may or may not remember even meeting the dragon. Either way, this is the safest of the three scenarios. It’s also the most common. Depending on where you live, you may be encountering dragons on a regular basis and just not noticing or remembering them.

Three. The dragon wants to engage you.

This scenario can go in a number of different ways. For example, if the dragon wants a duel with a human, and you’ll sense this right away, power up as quickly as you can. This is vanishingly rare, considering dragons don’t fight humans except to challenge themselves against a particular skill set. The chances of you having that challenge capability is remote. But if you are some kind of savant, be ready for this at any time. I’m not kidding. Don’t leave the house until you’re ready for the fight of your life.

A more common example is the dragon wants some information from you. Again, if you don’t have the will to resist, the dragon will get the information and you’ll never remember even seeing a dragon. Now, if you do have the will to resist, set up your defenses, but then cooperate as much as you can. The dragon is going to get what it wants. Besides, there is no reason not to help dragons. That doesn’t mean you need to give something away for nothing. A dragon usually knows enough about you or your situation to help you. But dragons are also not going give something away for nothing. (Not usually anyway.)

Last and the least common is the dragon is looking for an ally. True, depending on the perspective, this ally could better be called a pawn. Traditionally, humans considered being a pawn an honor. I don’t think most dragons realize society has changed.

Rare, even within this rare scenario, an ally could be called friend or lover. I know, but think about it. Considering their longevity and relative power, a dragon wanting to become involved with a human? I guess I do know some people who have cockroaches as pets, so anything is possible. Even if you are that exceptional, the staggering differences almost ensure disaster. I know it has happened, but it requires an exceptional person and an exceptional circumstance. No matter how much you love them, you don’t ask your teens for help with your business plan. (Exactly, in an exceptional circumstance, your exceptional teen might be a great consultant.)

While rarest of the rare, I’ll comment briefly. If this is your situation, and a dragon wants to be friends or more—get ready. It’s one thing if you’re just starting the relationship. You can prepare a bit. But if you are already in a relationship, and just figuring out it’s with a dragon, buckle up. Dragons always dream big. I guarantee your dragon has a vision and the time, energy, and motivation to see that vision to the end.

Though challenging, if this is your situation you can count your lucky stars. You can learn a lot from a dragon.

So, there you go. Go practice your assessment glance. With it and a good dose of luck, you’re all ready to go out and live among dragons more successfully.