Five in Circle Series Character Introductions


Sometimes I forget you just met these people.  While I know most of the rules of current human society, I don’t understand them and often don’t remember them until after I should have. Like introductions. Crystyn, too polite to interrupt, pounced on the opportunity when it presented itself and gently reminded me I didn’t introduce her and the others properly. So, I apologize, and let me introduce you to the Rightads:


Abrennin [pronounced:  ah BREN nin]

He works as a consultant, and travels from contract to contract, bringing his family with him. Family is core. He doesn’t talk about it, but he knows from his previous magical ability, and the sense of duty his family passed down, he’s probably related to royalty. Abrennin knows a great deal about leadership, but the closest he aspires to be is a good guide, like a mentor. After his Oath, he found his roles as husband and parent more fulfilling than he could ever have hoped.


Crystyn [pronounced:  KRIS tin]

From a noble family, she has propriety and political machinations flowing through her blood and drilled in by teaching. But she is also smart and strong and fiery, although she wouldn’t admit those are true about her. Her upbringing made them taste inappropriate for a lady. Falling for Abrennin revealed her true self, and threw her life into absolute giddy confusion. She was a full-time mother for a long time and only recently started her own project management consultancy.


Cadarn [pronounced:  CAH darn]

A nerd, he’s much like his father, despite his mother choosing a warrior’s name from an old magic book for him. His name means “strength”, as Crystyn hoped he would be strong enough to succeed without magic, growing up in their life of constant upheaval. He was the first Rightad male who didn’t receive the family tradition of being groomed for leadership by his parents, though his uncle is allowed some free rein. His parents count their lucky stars he is content to be constantly on the move and restricted in his social opportunities.


Haylwen [pronounced:  HAIL wen]

She has much of her father’s strength and mother’s fire, and was not an easy child. (After her, the Rightads agreed they were finished with children.) But she had the cards stacked against her before she was even born. Unknown to her parents, her name was subliminally planted by a dragon. Aylwen, or prophecy, was supposed to be Cadarn’s name, but dragon’s don’t understand human gestation that well, so mis-timed the suggestion. Haylwen just knows her name is yet another thing to be teased about, although secretly appreciates how it’s another way she can be unique. Her parents, trying to curb her enthusiasm for social interactions as a pre-schooler, unknowingly instilled a fear of people in her she is just starting to get past. Being her uncle’s favorite niece didn’t help either.


From time to time I’ll send peeks into their and other character’s past on the website or through the newsletter. But if you think of something you’d like to ask them, feel free.