Fire Above – Chapter 2

Good day, noble readers. I’d call it a great, brilliant, too-exciting-to-sit-still sort of day. A million reasons make it so, but for one, I just finished the first draft of my next book (the fourth book in the Five in Circle series). The next and last book of the...

Sneak Peek at Fantasy Novel – Fire Above

We’re in the dusk time of year, looking back on the past and forward to the next. I hope your year is finishing off well and the next holds great promise. For me, while this year rolled well, I think 2015 will fly. One is Come and Two Empty Thrones rolled out in...

Win a free e-copy of Two Empty Thrones!

One is Come, Book 1 in my YA fantasy saga, will be free on Amazon from October 21st – 25th. To celebrate, I am giving away an e-copy of  Book 2, Two Empty Thrones, to 50 lucky winners!  Winners will be notified by email and can choose from either a kindle, ebook...
Character Introductions

Character Introductions

Sometimes I forget you just met these people. Crystyn, too polite to interrupt, pounced on the opportunity when it presented itself and gently reminded me I didn’t introduce her and the others properly. So, I apologize, and let me introduce you to the Rightads.

One is Come Interview Links

Okay, quick post here just to share some interviews. Several blogs (12 to be exact) have interviewed me about One is Come and you can find them at the following links. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.