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Please don't tell the dragons about this.

Fire Above – Chapter 2

Good day, noble readers. I’d call it a great, brilliant, too-exciting-to-sit-still sort of day. A million reasons make it so, but for one, I just finished the first draft of my next book (the fourth book in the Five in Circle series). The next and last book of the...

Fire Above – Chapter One

Happy New Year to you, and happy Hogmanay to those who celebrate it. It's no coincidence that Fire Above is launching now, as dark-haired first foots bring in luck and Hogmanay fireballs swing. A source of these old traditions come to fantastic life in Fire Above. All...

Sneak Peek at Fantasy Novel – Fire Above

We're in the dusk time of year, looking back on the past and forward to the next. I hope your year is finishing off well and the next holds great promise. For me, while this year rolled well, I think 2015 will fly. One is Come and Two Empty Thrones rolled out in 2014....

Win a free e-copy of Two Empty Thrones!

One is Come, Book 1 in my YA fantasy saga, will be free on Amazon from October 21st - 25th. To celebrate, I am giving away an e-copy of  Book 2, Two Empty Thrones, to 50 lucky winners!  Winners will be notified by email and can choose from either a kindle, ebook or...

When Confronting a Dragon

First, glance in its eyes. Just glance, though. Depending on the situation, the dragon, and you, more than a glance could be considered a challenge to duel or an opening to attack. Unless you are up for the duel of you life, I don't recommend going that route. An...

Haylwen’s 1st Blog Post

I‘m stoked to announce that Haylwen Rightad wrote her first-ever blog post. The lovely people at As The Page Turns have agreed to be a stop on the Two Empty Thrones book tour. They asked someone to write a guest post, and Haylwen stepped up.

Character Introductions

Sometimes I forget you just met these people. Crystyn, too polite to interrupt, pounced on the opportunity when it presented itself and gently reminded me I didn’t introduce her and the others properly. So, I apologize, and let me introduce you to the Rightads.

One is Come Interview Links

Okay, quick post here just to share some interviews. Several blogs (12 to be exact) have interviewed me about One is Come and you can find them at the following links. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

A Sunny Spot

Two of my cats, ginger tabbys, greet me with sleepy eyes and soft purrs. The sun pours on them, a liquid blanket of gold. They shift to accept my pets, turning the sun into flames rippling across their coats, their purring increasing to something like the noise of a distant roaring fire.

More Chocolate

Effort has its limits. This statement can be said about many things. In particular I am thinking of how it's true about writing, or maybe just editing. For me, at first, an image explodes, fills me with verve and motivation. Ideas spill and scatter, mixing together...

Horse or Donkey?

  I'm stubborn. Not only a Taurus, I was also born in the year of the Ox. I'm mixing my astrology, I know. I guess it’s why I have a double helping of stubborn. Do I think I don’t have a choice in being stubborn? No. I don't believe in predestination or anything...

A Reward From My Principal

Today I was reminded of a great lesson my principal taught me when I was sixteen. I walked down the narrow hall, crowded with other kids rushing to leave school. We packed the hallway, a steady flow. Like an explosion went off, a clearing appeared just ahead of me. I...

Season for Death

I almost crashed several times while driving out of my neighborhood this week. The lane is not tricky, and the snow didn't faze me. The bright contrast of a white blanket cast gently over the land usually soothes me, in fact. Trees and bushes slumbering peacefully,...


Writing is loud and lonely work, sleep’s enemy.

I stare at the ceiling. The sun isn’t even thinking about rising yet. What in the world am I doing up? I sneak out of the bedroom.